Cappel Stahl Consulting
With you through the entire process

Cappel Stahl Consulting

CSC is a technical consultancy
specialising in the iron and steel industry.

  • We offer support from raw material selection to the finished product.
  • We develop, modernise and realise concepts using the latest technology and innovative solutions.
  • We view our role as a partner who provides strategic consultation and manages complex projects for our clients. In all we do, we are proud to put the needs of our clients first.


We build our service to suit our clients: from analysing the issues at hand and determining the necessary measures to the technical implementation of the solution.


  • CSC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Jürgen Cappel (EngD).
  • CSC is an owner-operated company.
  • CSC is an independent consultancy with no production facilities, affiliated entities or investment interests of its own.
  • CSC’s approx. 30 experts offer an expansive portfolio of consulting services.
  • CSC has successfully completed over 220 projects since 2010.